Travel With Your Pet

Travel and Holidays with Your Puppy

Holidays with Your Puppy. Taking your best friend with you everywhere you go is always a treat. But if you are flying halfway across the country, is it worth taking the pup with you? Can you find someone to take care of him in your absence? Should you board him at a kennel? These are things to think about when making those travel plans.

Holidays with Your Puppy

Prepare for the trip by contacting the place you are staying and find out if they allow pets. Make sure all your puppy’s vaccinations are up to date. Ask the vet if the pup is ready and healthy enough to travel.
You will need to pack up his supplies as well to take with you. You need his bowls, toys, leash, and any medicines he is taking. You will need to bring his crate so he doesn’t miss any training by being let run free. Bring food and some water as well. Don’t feed him for at least three to four hours before leaving. Traveling can cause an upset stomach. Feed him when you get to your destination and take him outside right afterwards.

Travel and Holidays with Your Puppy
If going to your destination by plane, try to go during off peak hours. See if you get the nonstop trip or get as few stops as possible. If your carrier will fit under the seat, the animal can sometimes travel with you on the plane. Attach a LIVE ANIMAL sticker to it so people around you know you have an animal with you. Before you leave, take the dog for a nice long stroll before you go to the airport. He may have to be quarantined in foreign locations. Ask your travel agent about the restrictions.
With a little planning, your best friend can accompany you to your destination and be thereto enjoy the vacation. If you can’t take him, please have a trusted friend watch him or have him placed in a kennel.

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