Compensation for flight delay or cancellation

Flight Compensation

Booking travel online can sometimes be frustrating, and that’s not even counting deciding where you’re going! At FlightVillage, we understand that booking travel online should be quick, easy, and cost effective. We’ve partnered with Compensair for when the dreaded happens – your flight is canceled. No more spending hours on hold with the airline and being bounced around to different agents with automated introductions.

Compensair makes it easy to submit a claim in just two minutes, and then their software analysts go to work on getting you the refund you’re entitled to!

Flight Compensation Benefits

When you submit a flight compensation claim with Compensair, you automatically get to take advantage of several things…

  1. Compensair will let you know upfront the probability of receiving compensation and the amount
  2. Compensair assesses your case and works directly with airlines
  3. Compensair takes care of all the necessary documents and negotations
  4. Submitting a claim is quick, easy, and free with Compensair

So if your head is spinning with a canceled flight, let Compensair and FlightVillage help you out with that refund! Or maybe you’re still deciding where to go… check out our recommended places!

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