Disneyland Magic Music Days

Disneyland Magic Music Days

Disneyland has always contributed to the education

of young people in one way or another. This tradition

is continued with the Disneyland Magic Music Days

program, which is an educational program for

students of music, vocal arts, or dance.

Disneyland Magic Music Days

Disneyland Magic Music Days

Your group has the opportunity to showcase your

talent and to improve even more in a setting that

promotes learning and you can have fun doing it!

The program is available all year, and is open to

schools, studios, and other organizations worldwide.

Auditions for the program are required.

Disneyland Magic Music Days

There are many workshops held to help improve the

specific talents of each member of your group. These

workshops are taught by professional actors,

choreographers, comedians, dancers, composers,

singers, arrangers, musicians, and conductors.

Where else will your group have access to

professionals in these fields all in one place? To

sweeten the pot, many of these professionals are

famous in their fields, performing in both Hollywood

and New York, among other famous places in the


Disneyland Magic Music Days

Instrumental groups can audition to perform on one

of the Disneyland stages. Marching bands can

audition for the famous Disneyland parades. Along

with performing in the happiest place on earth,

which is an experience you will remember and talk

about your entire life, you will also receive the

benefits of world-class workshops, conducted by

world-class professionals. Vocal groups and dancers

audition to perform on one of the Disneyland stages,

and are also offered the world-class workshops

designed for vocalists and vocalist groups or dancers.

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This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your group.

The performance alone will be unforgettable, but the

information that these young performers will learn in

the workshops is invaluable. Instrumental groups

and marching bands will benefit from the

soundtrack/instrumental workshop, the soundtrack

jazz workshop, the tune in seminar, and the

percussion workshop.

Vocalists are offered the industry show choir

workshop, academy show choir workshop, the

academy vocal workshop, the industry vocal

workshop, and the express yourself workshop.

Dancers can take advantage of the industry dance

workshop, academy dance workshop, and the

express yourself workshop. There is something for

all performers as Disneyland Magic Music Days!

Each member of each group will receive an 8 x 10

glossy picture of their entire group, dressed in

performance attire, in front of the Sleeping Beauty

Castle. Although you won’t need any help

remembering your time at Disneyland Magic Music

Days, you can share this photo with your friends

and loved ones when you return home from the most

unforgettable performance you will ever have!

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