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California Vacation: Los Angeles, San Francisco, And More

California Vacation: Los Angeles: It’s summertime once again! And what’s a better way to relax than to spend a nice and totally entertaining vacation in one of the most exciting places in the United States, California. Yup, why go any where else if you can simply plan your next family vacation in this famous US State? It is very much diverse and is almost a country of its own. Whether you want to do activities indoors or outdoors, you can certainly find different options with fun and enjoyment guaranteed.

California Vacation: Los Angeles

Now, you might ask, “Where could be my first stop in California?” It’s all up to you. Actually, you can try searching the Internet for California vacation information. You can find lots there, including vacation packages, rates, what to do, and places to go. But going back to your question, there are actually two famous places that you should not miss when you spend your vacation in California. One is Los Angeles and two is San Francisco.

Los Angeles

Let’s start with Los Angeles. Okay, for sure, the name itself is very familiar to you. If you are into famous celebrities, then this place is super cool for you because it’s the home of the renowned Hollywood, America’s center of entertainment industry. That’s right! Where else can you find the hottest hunks and babes that you see in movies and televisions but here? However, if you are not into celebrities, television personalities, movies, and the likes, you can always visit other places in Los Angeles like the famous Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Theme park.

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These places are great for kids, and so if you’re planning to bring them along on your vacation, make sure you include these in your itinerary. Kids always love Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Now, if your kids happen to have their own favorite Disney characters, why not let them experience the Disneyland fun and see their favorites in real life. Just kidding. Not actually in real life, but in person since they got to see them only in television or movie. Plus, there are also exciting activities and amazing rides available, so you can expect that your kids will sure have lots of fun.

Los Angeles

Next stop, San Francisco. Okay, so what’s in store for you here at the northern part of California? Well, you can always go to these two scenic places namely Golden Gate Park and Golden Gate Bridge. While there, you can go biking and experience the fresh bay area air while doing other outdoor activities. But if you want a more lively location, you can choose to visit San Francisco’s famous twisted streets.

With its diversity and sheer liveliness, you will sure find lots of things and activities there which are of interest to you. Now, if you don’t want that, you can always rent a street car and visit China Town or better yet explore Alcatraz by getting on a boat cruise.

Los Angeles and San Francisco are just two of the big California cities that you can visit when you’re on your California vacation. There are actually more such as San Jose, Sacramento, San Diego, and Anaheim. Now, if the duration of your vacation is longer than five days, you can always include these other cities in your itinerary. After all, the more, the merrier, right?

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