Caribbean Travel Forum

Caribbean Travel Forum in the World

Caribbean Travel Forum in the World

Need information about Caribbean travel fast? Want firsthand knowledge about the places to visit and places to stay? What about fun things to do while in the Caribbean? Safety tips? Weather tips? Diving tips?

If you find yourself asking these questions as you plan your next Caribbean trip, then check the list of Caribbean travel forums we offer you below. When it comes to valuable information from travelers like you, nothing beats Caribbean travel forums.


Caribbean-On-Line’s Caribbean travel forum has been revamped, giving it a new look and easy to navigate. Now, you can view discussions about almost all fifty of the Caribbean islands, with topics ranging from boat rentals to phone calls, how to get to places, and festivals.

Caribbean Travel Forum

Caribbean-on-Line is a corporation, not associated with any government, island, or tourism board. The focus is on the traveler, so whatever question you may have about the Caribbean island you wish to visit, this is the Caribbean travel forum to check out.

Fodor’s Travel Talk Forums

Fodor’s contains several travel talk forums of several different tourist destinations. Select the Caribbean and ask your questions about the islands. Below are some recent hot topics posted up in the Caribbean travel forum:

* Nice San Juan hotel under $200?

* Favorite island…and why?

* Snow on Ground, thoughts turn to Sun… What is the BEST beachfront bar in the Caribbean?

* Villa provisioning

* HELP! Urgent need to find a perfect vacation!

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* June-July Jamaica Silver Sands and Mandeville

* Caribbean trip help

* Secrets Excell: Punta Cana Report

* Do I really need a 4WD on St. John?

* St. Martin Restaurants

* Looking for a resort with the MOST amazing swimming pool

And if that doesn’t give you some idea on your Caribbean vacation, then I don’t know what will.


“Give and receive up to the minute travel advice regarding the Caribbean.” That is what this Caribbean travel forum and bulletin board let you do. For the benefit of the travelers, not for salespeople, this Caribbean travel forum will you plan out your Caribbean holidays and vacations.

Caribbean Travel Forum

Here is the stuff you can find here:

* Help

* Guidance

* Recommendations

* Advice about hotels, etc.

* Questions, replies, and bulletins

* Restaurants

* Sports

* Tours

* Health

* Safety

* Travel within any of the islands

* And basically anything that will help


At TravelNotes.org, you get not only a tremendous amount of information about the places you want to visit but a Caribbean travel forum to aid if you any other questions you don’t have the answer to.

For flight questions, you can ask about dates, flexibility, choice of departure airports, destinations, and a whole lot more. For accommodation, ask about the number of people allowed, board type, rating, and flexibility. And lastly, for any other details, you can ask the advice of this Caribbean travel forum’s unofficial trip advisor:

* What to do

* Places to go

* Guides on the area

* Map, if possible

* Weather

* Currency rates

* Tours

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