Indian Vacation

Why You Should Book An Indian Vacation

There are many reasons why an individual would want and need to have a vacation. There are different tourist choices all over the world. If you are planning to have a vacation abroad, then consider spending a wonderful and exciting Indian Vacation.

Surveys By the Harris interaction and Expedia

The surveys done by the Harris Interaction and Expedia in 2006, showed that there is 36 percent of workers do not have any plans in using their paid vacation days, unfortunately, this work attitude has negative effects on company productivity. There are studies that showed that going away on a vacation could actually help in relationships, improve mental health, gain self-confidence, and become more inspired and productive. This is why employers are asking their employees to take the necessary breaks.

Indian Vacation Facts

India is a great place that would offer vacationers a diverse experience. India and its rich history and historical artifacts proved to be an educational vacation place, its beaches and varied geography are wonderful for ecotourism. There are different reasons why India would be the vacation that you need.

Indian Vacation

Indian History

The first Indian civilization emerged in 2500 B.C. which was about 5000 years of existence already. This early civilization prompted an opulent reflection of culture and ancient life. These remnants of an ancient civilization can still be found in traces of heritage sites, culture, and practice.

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India as Shopping Destination

India is not just a country of heritage and cultural spots, it can also be called a “shopping destination.” Not only are the shops for produce and fresh food, but there are also markets that have small cottage industries, sweets, and snacks, jewelry stores that sell pearls and other kinds of items. There are also stores that sell different kinds of fabric like silk and hand-embroidered textiles. Aside from shops that showcase local designs and products, there are also outlets that carry out brands like Benetton and Lacoste in Delhi which are available at Indian prices. That,s why Indian vacation is best

Beaches of India

Aside from shopping, bathing, and lazing around the beach is another great aspect of an Indian vacation. There are many beautiful, serene and white sand beaches which you can stay in and enjoy. There are great beaches in Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala. There are also great backwater spots that are ideal for romantic and quiet boat rides.

Sunbathing and swimming are not the only activities that you could do, water sports which are now getting popular is something you can do if you are at the beach. Nature and wildlife activities could also be done, like mountain climbing, trekking, bird watching, and animal watching are also great environmental activities.

Indian Vacation

Indian Food

A journey to a different country would not be complete without experiencing the country’s food. Indian food is among the richest in flavor in the world. Indian cuisine uses spices and herbs also other vegetables, to flavor its food. There are many food choices and cooking techniques that each family could choose to use. Indian dishes are among the most popular cuisine in the world, it has gained popularity even outside of India.

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Indian Vacation

Indian Transportation

Even if India is full of historic relics from ancient Civilization, it is still a modern nation. There are plush hotels and other accommodations like resorts. Aside from that, transportation can be very easy and inexpensive. Telephones and internet connectivity can be available in major towns even in remote villages.

There are many reasons why you should get an Indian vacation. Each majestic place like the Taj Mahal, Himalayan mountain states, and the God-given Kerala are enough evidence that will prove that visiting India is something you should not miss.

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