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Universal Studios Tours and Jay Leno

If you will be visiting Universal Studios -Tours, and you wish to see the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you may be in luck if you get to the Hollywood Ticket Outlet booth early enough. Getting to see Jay Leno in person and be a part of the Tonight Show audience may be the perfect end to the perfect day!

Universal Studios

Again, make sure that you get to the booth early. Exclusive seating is limited to a first-come, first-serve basis. Only two priority tickets will be made available for each person, and nobody under the age of sixteen may attend the show. These tickets go fairly fast, and once they are gone, they are gone for good.

Universal Studios Tours park

The Hollywood Ticket Outlet Booth is located inside the Universal-Studios Tours park, near the Blues Brothers stage. If you get there early enough, you could be sitting in the studio audience enjoying Jay Leno’s monolog very shortly! Your friends won’t believe you, so make sure that you get souvenirs before leaving Universal Studios, and save your ticket stub!

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