an Indian Vacation

Top 10 Reasons for an Indian Vacation

India is an Indian Vacation still one of the top vacation destinations in my book. It is therefore unfortunate that Mumbai was attacked by terrorists last 2008. The effect of this incident on tourists was immediate. Tourism was affected and people were looking closely if it was worth the risk to vacation in India. There are a couple of reasons for an Indian vacation and hopefully, for tourists who are having second thoughts, the following reasons might convince you otherwise.

an Indian Vacation

Cultural Heritage and Traditions Reasons for an Indian Vacation

India is one of the cradles of civilization with cultural heritage Top 10 Reasons for an Indian Vacation and traditions spanning more than 5000 years. These traditions and culture today have been mixed with many modern ones resulting in unique combinations that visitors can surely find intriguing, exciting, and enjoyable.

 an Indian Vacation

Even if you’re the type of person who is not as interested in cultural differences, experiencing India might change your perspective. If not your overall perception, be prepared to experience food that you have never tasted before. Just be prepared to keep a bottle of cold water handy because you might the spices too hot to bear. Famous Mughlai cuisine and well known exotic Naans and roti bread are always a treat. Not to mention the curries which one definitely must taste.

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Shopping is Another Reason Why One Goes to India

Shopping is another reason why one goes to India. The merchandises are very cheap and the choices are so many. Cloths and garments are among the more popular products. From garments with ethnic, colorful, and intricate designs to hand-woven or embroidered cotton and silk, the Top 10 Reasons for an Indian Vacation shopping experience rivals those of other popular shopping destinations in Asia like Hong Kong and Singapore. And if by chance you went to India near the Christmas season, you can have your Christmas shopping there with unique gifts you can get for your family and friends.

an Indian Vacation

Famous Taj Mahal is in India

In case you’re not a shopaholic nor are you that fond of culture and food, India still offers you world-famous tourist spots. The famous Taj Mahal is in India which is both an architectural marvel as well as a historical feat. If the Taj is not enough, the forts and palaces of Rajasthan would be a great place to be amazed. The craftsmanship is truly exquisite. Other destinations include the Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, and the Ranthambore Fort, all equally unique and beautiful.

Enjoying Camel Safari in Rajasthan is also a good reason why travel to India. Experiencing the Thar desert on a camel is quite an experience. The smell of the camel might not be your thing but the overall experience is nothing like riding a sports vehicle through the desert. The safari covers villages which still hold to traditions which showcase the Rajasthan culture and lifestyle. The Top 10 Reasons for an Indian Vacation village offer a break from the busy and crowded cities.

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 an Indian Vacation

Beaches in the country or one of the mountain getaways

As if the above reasons are still not enough, visitors can enjoy their vacation either by taking a trip to one of the best-known beaches in the country or one of the mountain getaways. Or they could try both if they have the time and money for it. The sunset at Kanyakumari is simply magnificent and the Himalayan river and snow-capped mountain ranges are a sight to see.

 an Indian Vacation

There are more reasons for an Indian vacation and those that you have read so far as but the tip of the iceberg. There might be a couple of reasons why India is not the best place to relax and enjoy but there seems to be a whole lot of good reasons why it is. You still need help deciding?

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