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They’re Watching You in Las Vegas

Have you ever thought about going to Las Vegas to experience one of the many world-famous hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip? If you have then chances are that you’ve been over just which casinos to go to and what hotels to stay at and see. However, an important issue that many people might not realize on their stay is that there are plenty of people watching you while visiting Las Vegas. Whether you are good news or bad news, the authorities in Las Vegas, the federal authorities in Washington, DC, as well as the Las Vegas casino and hotel owners all have their eyes on every little thing that you do.

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There are many people who simply disbelieve the fact that cops and federal authorities are able to keep tabs on every single person within the Las Vegas hotel. After all, many people just see themselves as blending in with the crowd. However, this is not how the federal authorities in Washington and others who own the casinos and hotels see you. Here are just some of the thoughts that are running through their head, as well as how they are able to keep so close of tabs on each individual person throughout the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas:

 Las Vegas

Are you a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?

This first question is the very important real question that local and federal authorities have to answer about you to tell whether or not you pose a threat while taking a vacation or living in Las Vegas. In order to get the most basic of information, though, there are thousands of hidden and real cameras within the hotels and casinos of the Strip. These thousands of hidden cameras all point towards every person playing within the casino walls and there are hundreds of casino and hotel employees that will do anything just to be able to find the one suspect among the hundreds of thousands of individuals within the crowd.

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 Las Vegas


However, one way in which the Las Vegas casinos and hotels are able to match the faces of everyone in the casino is by the face-recognition software that these highly-intelligible security cameras contain. Face-recognition software and cameras are able to send and share information instantly and directly with other cameras in other Las Vegas hotels and it’s just a matter of time before they know your real name!

Las Vegas casino and hotel owners

Another way that Las Vegas casino and hotel owners tend to use the information they gain about you is to give you the ultimate Las Vegas experience. In other words, they are able to tailor your casino experience just the way that they like it. For example, some of the tracking software that casinos use is employed to track your every move, including the bets that you make, wagers that you roll, as well as a keeping a tally of all the money that you spent. There is very little information that is not known about you, however, and casino owners can also use that. For example, if you happen to be at a Las Vegas hotel on your birthday then you just might get special promotion or end up winning the jackpot on the slot machine, too!

 Las Vegas


All things considered, though, Its casinos and hotels are much better off in the way of security than they were just fifteen years prior. Even though it can be scary to be spotted and well-known in Las Vegas hotels, it’s also better to say that there is enough security to go around!

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