save 500 when flying peak season

According to Google Trend Data, the search term cheap summer flights has received a 524.74% within the last month alone. Such a rise reflects the UKs desire to visit their holiday destinations in a cost-effective way. Here, ultra-low cost airline Wizz Air presents how to save up to £500 and obtain cheap flights when flying in peak season.

Book direct, fly direct 

There are several comparison sites that present the flights that fall within your desired criteria. When booking flights through a 3rd party site, its cost is up to £50 more. Booking directly through the site of the carrier sees that there is no commission structure in place and that the flight is lower in price.

Fly in peak season, out of peak days

It’s inevitable that flying in peak season will cost more financially than traveling in low season. However, flying outside of peak days and hours will lower the costs. Night flights are often cheaper than day flights, as is flying mid-week as opposed to Friday, post work. Flying outside of peak days can lead to savings of up to £100.

Fly out from one airport, fly in from another

It’s second nature to book a return flight to the same airport that you flew from. Returning to an airport that is in your home city, but not necessarily the same as the one you flew from can lead to big savings.

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