Safety Tips During A Blizzard min

Safety Tips During A Blizzard

Safety Tips During A Blizzard – Home

The below tips focus more on an individual, but we also have an article that encompasses your home titled How To Mitigate Extreme Cold Weather and a more general article for Winter Preparedness Tips that could be worth checking out, too.

  • Drink lots of water to remain hydrated. Drinking liquor dehydrates you, so drink less alcohol in winter, but especially if you’re needing to shelter in place.
  • Take in liquids to maintain your body heat like hot soups or teas.
  • Close the flue when you have a fireplace that isn’t being used. This can prevent air that is cold coming in and heated air from going out.
  • Keep your property at an temperature that is average of 65°F and wear more layers or bundle up in blankets.
  • Use your wood fireplace for cooking and warmth. Yup, you read the first part right! During the winter season, the fireplace can be used for grilling meat and veggies, also for maintaining warmth. It’s a win-win! You can additionally make meals which are delicious in a cast iron skillet in the fireplace. We bet you didn’t see this as being one of the safety tips during a blizzard!
  • Charge up your phone or smartphone devices, radio, rechargeable batteries, etc. If there’s a sudden power outage, texting and calling should still work but the device you’re utilizing has to be charged. Solar chargers won’t assist you much until the sun comes back out. So, while you’ve still got power, keep all your devices fully charged! You might want to consider investing in a power bank in case the power remains out for a couple of days.
  • Safety tips during a blizzard extends to your pets, too! Develop a place that is cozy for your pets. As much as some pets might not like using winter sweaters, it really helps them to maintain their body temperature especially when out on walks. Get the gear that is necessary, like blankets for your pets to keep them warm while they’re in your house and outside.
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Safety Tips During A Blizzard – Outdoors

Safety Tips During A Blizzard Layers min
  • Stay hydrated! Similar to our safety tips during a blizzard for the home, being hydrated is important inside and outside the house.
  • Layer layer layer! When going outdoors, make sure to dress properly. This includes layers to retain your body heat — think of yourself as an onion.
    • Clothing options include:
      • A base layer: The base layer ought to be made from moisture-wicking fabrics to pull moisture and perspiration far from the body, in the place of making your clothes damp. Most people get thermal shirts and underwear that is long they significantly help to insulate your body heat. Merino wool and synthetics are great materials for a base layer, but those are not your only choices. Simply avoid using cotton.
      • A middle layer: Middle layers should include insulating materials, such as fleece or wool.
      • An outer shell: Finally, your outer shell —otherwise known as a jacket— should be made from breathable materials that are waterproof and windproof.
    • Keeping your own feet, arms, and head warm are an important part of safety tips during a blizzard:
      • Socks: The type that is best of wintertime socks will be made from moisture-wicking materials (exactly like mentioned above for base layers). Synthetic materials are great, except that they’re not the most readily useful for reducing smells. Merino wool is better at keeping odors at bay- so when we’re dealing with feet, that would be a proven fact that is great!
      • Boots: get boots which are waterproof.
      • Mittens / gloves: since they are going to keep your hands warmer than gloves if you’re not going to be getting around too much, opt for mittens.
      • Face mask: In blizzard-like weather, you’ll want to cover almost all of your face when possible. You will find face masks made specifically for winter. You will get a feel for textile types at an REI or goods which can be sporting, or get several on Amazon.
      • Beanie: Keep your head insulated and warm with a beanie.
      • Earmuffs: in the event that you don’t wear a beanie, at least cover your ears. For young ones, we would advise you to use both. Your ears are very sensitive to the cold.
  • Once the storm has passed another of our safety tips during a blizzard would be to shovel the path leading to your door that is front and driveway. Use salt or rocks to safeguard against slipping on ice. Shoveling is a workout that is very good, but it can be especially hazardous for those with pre-existing health conditions. Just take breaks regularly and take in plenty of water. Get someone to help you shovel if you’re concerned about the amount needing to be done.
  • Build an igloo. Snow is a great insulator. It will trap the body heat if you develop an igloo, and a few people get in. It is fun to do this with your kids as an option to snowmen.
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Safety Tips During A Blizzard – Driving

These are perhaps more critical safety tips during a blizzard as they also impact the safety of those traveling on the road with you. If you’re able to avoid driving during a snowstorm, do so. We recommend conversing with your employer and asking if you’re able to function at home through that time when you’re confronted with a major storm. Driving in hazardous conditions places your life in danger, and quite honestly, it’s not worth the money.

If you have to drive anyhow, think about these safety tips during a blizzard:

  • Turn your headlights on – not your brights. Having your beams that are low while driving in stormy climate makes it much easier for any other vehicles to see you. Do not use your brights because it blinds traffic that is oncoming. If you’re driving under the speed limit, or the conditions are dangerous, use your hazard lights. This should warn other drivers to cut back their speed before they catch up to you.
  • Travel with caution. Drive carefully. If the visibility is limited the road conditions are messy, pull over wherever there is a safe turnout, side road, or shoulder. Never remain in the middle of any highway or road.
  • Drive under the speed limit that is posted is a great one for our safety tips during a blizzard. As previously mentioned, make sure you turn on those hazard lights!
  • Take alternate routes. When you need to operate a vehicle throughout a winter storm, try to take back roads and side streets when possible. A lot of people will be utilizing the main road and highway, you could avoid the traffic and possible pile-ups if you’re driving short distances. Also, side streets have lower speed limits so going slower could make you feel more comfortable when driving in harsh cold weather conditions.
  • Keep a distance of a few car-lengths between you and the automobile in front of you. When you need to brake, do so gently. Abrupt stopping can cause you to skid and lose control of your vehicle. Additionally, breaking instantly sets you at risk of getting rear-ended by the automobile behind you.
  • Keep your eyes open for the likelihood of snow storms which are now and again unpredictable and can take you by surprise.
  • Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times! A few weeks prior to the winter season change it with the winter basics.
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In this article, we have covered many safety tips during a blizzard. This article was written to help all who live in areas of extreme cold weather or quickly changing weather patterns. With these safety tips during a blizzard, you can definitely rest easy this winter and not have any problems when it comes to your safety. Do you have any other recommendations for safety tips during a blizzard? Share them in the comments below so that other readers can benefit from your wisdom!

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