La Jolla

One Day In La Jolla

You could easily spend a week in La Jolla, walking

on the beach, puttering around town, and enjoying

meals in great restaurants; but if you only have

one day, you can still enjoy some of the best La

Jolla has to offer.

Beach Of La Jolla

You’ll want to start off by going to the beach.

Jolla Shores is one of the best beaches in the

state of California, with a gently sloping beach

and panoramic views. A sunset or morning walk

on the beach is enough to relax even the most

stressed individual. The walk is better with the

tide going out, as it leaves the beach with a

mirror-like water display.

La Jolla

La Jolla Restaurants

La Jolla is home to some of the best restaurants,

with many of them serving excellent cuisine at

lunch, although at a lower price at night. This way,

you can live large on just the right budget.

Tiny Cove

Something else you’ll want to do is go tide pooling.

The Tiny La Jolla Cove is a couple of blocks away

from downtown, and accessible by a stairway. At

low tides, the tide pools will have hundreds and

hundreds of hermit crabs.

 La Jolla

Walking around

Walking around is also a great way to spend part

of your day. You can go to a window-shopping

stroll along Prospect Avenue and the side streets

there. With chain stores insight, you’ll

probably find something you must have.

If you have time to stay through the evening,

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the Playhouse is worth your time, as it

offers plenty of entertainment for the entire


 La Jolla

Just a day to spend

For just a day to spend , there is a

a lot that you can do. Once you spend a day in

La Jolla, you’ll probably find yourself wanting

to come back for more – the town is simply that


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