Why Las Vegas is Better than New York City?

Las Vegas is Better than New York.

There is literally a laundry list of reasons that one should refer to when talking about why Las Vegas is so much better than New York City, but the fact of the matter remains that Las Vegas has plenty of opportunities that New York City simply doesn’t. For starters, there is very little gambling that takes place within New York City compared to Las Vegas, so naturally, the opportunities that one has to win are so much greater in Las Vegas! In addition, the whole set up of Las Vegas is so much better than when compared with the Broadway of New York City. Broadway may have a few upscale hotels and famous shows in the area, but the Las Vegas Strip has many more world-renowned hotels, casinos, along with many more shows that people are able to attend. Here are some more reasons, though, that Las Vegas is better than New York City:

Las Vegas is Better than New York City

More Attractions and Better Transportation

Las Vegas is Better than New York.Even though there are plenty of attractions within Manhattan and New York City, more often than not it usually takes a very long cab ride to get around, or at least it takes someone who is skilled in the travels of New York City. On the other hand, there are literally hundreds of attractions, shows, rides, and shopping malls within walking distance if you are spending the day on the Las Vegas Strip. In addition, cab rides and public transportation do not cost an arm and a leg like they do in New York City. A simple bus fare only costs $5 per day in the Las Vegas Strip, while a cabbie in New York City and Manhattan may cost upwards of $15 just for a one-way ride!

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 Las Vegas is Better than New York City

Better Hotels and Restaurants

It is an indisputable fact that there are plenty of professional and upscale restaurants located throughout the heart of Manhattan. However, there are plenty more places throughout all of Las Vegas that contain the best of the best world-class restaurants one could ever eat in. For example, a few of the upscale restaurants located in the world-renowned Bellagio Hotel and Casino, as well as other places throughout Las Vegas, are the Prime, Shintaro, Rosemary’s (started by Emeril Lagasse), as well as Sensi and Jasmine.

The hotels are another matter to debate, though. Even though New York City may have places like The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas has plenty of other resorts and hotels that are not only geared toward everyone visiting Las Vegas, but also contain many themes as well. A couple of the better-themed hotels in the Las Vegas Strip include the Circus Circus, as well as the Treasure Island Resort!

As you can see, then, there is plenty more to be thankful for when one visits Las Vegas than New York City. But on the erring side and benefit of New York City, the whole area of Manhattan is quite a different place than Las Vegas. Nevertheless, though, Las Vegas contains some of the most famous hotels, casinos, and shows throughout the whole world!

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