Indian Vacation Destination Gu

Indian Vacation Destination Guide: Places to Go

Vacation Destination : India is quite a large country with regions and provinces that are unique from each other and full of multicultural surprises. If you would like to experience a rich cultural heritage and unique traditions then an Indian vacation destination is pretty much the getaway you are looking for. But do relax a bit for you need to think some things over before you head for India. Vacation Destination .

Indian Vacation Destination Gu

Indian Vacation Destination

If you’re a frequent traveler you probably know by now mostly through experience that going on vacation needs some sort of planning. Gong to a country without knowing the specifics and the best set of circumstances is pretty much like allowing the wind to blow all your vacation money, not to mention your time and efforts away. India is indeed a very beautiful country and by simply visiting any part of it you will experience different culture, festivals and various customs and traditions. But with our limited resources we just can go hopping province by province. We have to know and prioritize the best place to visit to experience that “Indian” feel.

indIndian Vacation Destination Gu

Among the more popular trekkers’ destination are the Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and Pushkar deserts. India has one of the most majestic deserts in the world. The harsh environment definitely has its appeal and with desert festivals during the early and last few months of the year, visitors are surely one for a treat. Rajasthan for one has lots more treasures other than its deserts. It is riddled with monuments, forts, scenic lakes and even exotic wildlife sanctuaries. Vacation Destination .

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In fact the place is so popular that it has traditionally been considered as the more preferred tourist destination in all of India. But the title can be contested, however, the beauty of place, the richness of its culture are not. Other destinations include Jaipur city, Samode which famous for the Haveli and Place hotel, and the religious sites of Ajmer and Pushkar. Pushkar is one of the most scared cities of the India, famous for holy lakes as well as ancient temples. In fact it is so sacred that meat, fish, eggs, and alcohol are forbidden within the city limits.

Another quite popular destination is Kashmir. The place has come to be known as the “Paradise on Earth” due to the picturesque and jaw-dropping natural beauty. Among its natural attractions are the snow capped mountain peaks, scenic vistas, rich vegetation and a various adventure spots for the out going and sports enthusiasts. However, mountaineering or trekking is not limited to this area. Places like the Shimla in Himachal Pradesh and the destination for trekkers in Kullu Valley and the Kodaikanal which is located in Tamil Nadu, another popular trekking ground.

Indian Vacation Destination Gu

But of course, there’s the all popular tour which most often begins in Delhi where tourists are treated to the buzzing capital’s literally thousands of shops that sells almost everything one can imagine. The capital is a treat for both the eyes and palates with a whole array of food, especially the spicy ones, to choose from. in Vacation Destination .

Agra would be the next destination being the location of the world famous Taj Mahal. One might find the area crowded since there are thousands of tourists who visit the temple on a daily basis. The Taj Mahal has become one of India’s notable landmarks and it is often the case that people do not consider their visit to the country complete without getting their pictures taken with the temple in the background.

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Having an Indian destination guide is fairly important otherwise you will most likely get overwhelmed by the things to do and places to go and you will end up resting in your hotel room in the middle of the afternoon. For most of us who probably consider their trip to India their first and last, maximizing their time there is a must.

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