Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Golf Vacation

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Golf Vacation

South Carolina Golf Vacation: Do you play golf?

South Carolina Golf Vacation

Are you considering golf as your favorite game? You probably know about Hilton Head Island as one of the best destinations for an ultimate golf. Well, Hilton Head Island is a popular tourist destination in South Carolina. It is visited by more than two million of people every year not only for the world class golf it offers, but more for the natural wonders that it provides. And since the island has few of the world’s largest and luxurious golf courses, it’s no wonder that today the Hilton Head Island is named as the Golf Island resort.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Golf Vacation

There are a number of golf courses to choose from for your Hilton Head Island, South Carolina golf vacation. Each of these courses features a number of great things that are worth considering. A number of challenges are present, and much to your delight, these courses gives you the chance to experience that best of its nature, including the spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, the forests, and a lot more. In addition, Hilton Head Island can be a great place to visit for a South Carolina golf vacation since all of the golf courses are designed and developed to suit the needs of the most celebrated PGA players.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Golf Vacation

So what are the best courses to play at during your South Carolina golf vacation? Well, the most visited and played includes the following:

The Heritage ” If you’ve been viewing some of the world’s prestigious golf competitions, you might have seen The Heritage. Yes, The Heritage is a world famous golf course hosting some of the most renowned golfers in the whole world. It boasts a 72-hole course and was the venue for several golf competitions since 1975. The tournaments are played here every year, so on one of your South Carolina golf vacation, you can visit this site not just to play your favorite game, but also to witness the tournaments.

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Oyster Reef Golf Club ” Here’s another notable golf course to visit during your South Carolina golf vacation. Just like The Heritage, this is also enjoyed by the serious and enthusiastic players. It is known throughout Hilton Head for its strategic and logistic design and set up, and it is a great place to visit if you want to witness a green lush and natural environment. Note, however, that Oyster Reef Golf Club is privately owned, thus you need to have an access first before you can swing your way to becoming a pro.

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina Golf Vacation

Rose Hill Plantation ” Smaller than The Heritage, the Rose Hill Plantation is but another great site to visit on your ultimate South Carolina golf vacation. Here, you can play at a 27-hole course that sits beautifully in natural setting. Tall pine trees and wonderful magnolias are around, delighting every player with their natural wonders. What’s more interesting to know about this golf course is that it is run my hospitable and friendly hosts.

So those are the best options to consider for your enjoyable South Carolina golf vacation. Don’t forget to visit those sites for they can give you the best chances to swing like the pros.

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