Dubai’s Top 6 Summer Attractions for Kids

Even though Dubai’s summers can be extremely hot and humid with high temperatures, there are still plenty of indoor play areas and activities available to keep children occupied. The city is home to a tonne of fantastic outdoor spaces where the kids may let off some steam and take in some fresh air when the weather is cooler. We’ve compiled a list of Dubai’s top family-friendly outdoor activities for kids in Dubai Safari Park, including playgrounds, water parks, theme parks, and sports. You’re at home, bored, and believe there is nothing to do when it is 50 degrees outside. Well, reconsider. Here’s our list of places to beat the heat and keep you entertained.


Legoland Dubai is the fulfilment of every child’s dream, and given that all parents have previously used Legos to create countless objects and memories, we believe this to be true for all parents as well. These toys have now been transformed into a fully operational amusement park at Dubai Parks and Resorts, which offers a number of different entertainment alternatives in addition to the top Lego-themed attractions, shows, building activities, restaurants, and games. For those seeking the ideal afternoon of fun with their loved ones, Legoland is one of the best places to visit in Dubai with a child.

Ain Dubai

The Ain Dubai landmark is the most recent addition to Dubai’s lengthy list of record-breaking tourist destinations. The massive observation wheel, which is situated on Bluewaters Island, is the world’s highest and largest of its kind, standing at an astounding height of 250 metres.Each wheel leg is 126 metres high, long enough to seat 15 London buses, and weighs as much as four A380 aeroplanes when it is erected. The monument is an astounding engineering feat.Ain Dubai, which translates to “Dubai Eye” in Arabic, is a must-see sight that can be reached from the island and is surrounded by amazing social and celebration events.

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Ferrari World

The world’s largest indoor theme park and one of the top family attractions in Dubai, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi never ceases to amaze the young visitors. The area is decorated with about 17 Ferrari rides and attractions. Along with that, the location makes sure that guests enjoy superb dining and shopping. With a ticket to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, you can plunge into a world of Ferrari enjoyment. The largest indoor theme park in the world, this thrilling Ferrari-branded attraction is a must-see for thrill-seekers and families alike. Go karting, the Formula Rossa coaster, advanced race simulations where you can test your nerve, seeing kids operate miniature Ferraris, and more are available. 

IMG World Of Adventures

Kids who are major fans of Marvel and Cartoon Network characters will feel at home in this location. You may have countless hours of excitement and pleasure at the IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai. Its size is equivalent to 28 football fields, and IMG World, one of the most beautiful indoor theme parks in the world, offers classic adventure themes of the highest calibre. Four of the largest fictional world themes with themed attractions are Marvel, Cartoon Network, Lost Valley, and IMG Boulevard. Due to the design of the park, each of these themes incorporates dining options, attractions,rides, and shops. In addition, Novo Cinemas is on-site, where you may see the newest movie.

The wonderful theme park IMG Worlds of Adventure offers a variety of attractions, movie theatres, food options, and retail stores, making it the perfect place to spend time with family or friends. Even if you stay here all day, you still won’t be able to see all the sights.

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Kidzania Dubai

The ideal site to begin your family’s adventurous excursion in Dubai is Kidzania. There are numerous educational activities available at this location, ranging from learning about and visiting the Kinder chocolate factory to playing Flight Simulator. Kids can participate in role-playing games, and themed packages are also available to help you improve your talents.

As your youngster is exposed to a carefully created “grown-up” experience, watch as they develop new interests. Your kids will enjoy acting like adults in an interactive, kid-sized city that includes colleges, banks, hospitals, and other amenities. Children can select among 80 careers, both technical and creative, and get a taste of working in a field that fascinates them. As your child makes use of an active banking system, watch how they learn the value of money and how to manage their finances. Children are guaranteed enjoyment and safety with a variety of activities to participate in under the supervision of expert “zupervisors.”

Dubai Dolphinarium

The Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the family-friendly attractions in Dubai where you can make wonderful memories. Creek Park, the seal show, and the bird show are a few of the features of the Dubai Dolphinarium. By purchasing a ticket in advance, you can even swim with the dolphins. Enjoy watching the dolphins’ amazing displays while learning something new. Try some Dubai food and savour the local treats. Get up close and personal with some of the mysterious bottlenose dolphins in one of the most interesting cities in the world. You’re invited to a one-of-a-kind concert at the Dubai Dolphinarium where you may see dolphins and seals sing, dance, leap through hoops, perform acrobatic tricks, and even paint! Admire the amazing beasts’ agility and intellect as you learn about their habits and behaviour. Your days in Dubai will undoubtedly be booked, but don’t worry!

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