Downtown San Diego Gaslamp

Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter

Downtown San Diego Gaslamp Quarter Designed

The Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego contains some of

the most extensive and dramatically designed

historic buildings in the area. Constructed between

1873 and 1930, these Victorian-style buildings are

truly a sight to behold. Downtown San Diego Gaslamp.

The Victorian era buildings found in the Gaslamp

A quarter is home to night clubs, restaurants,

theaters, and shops. A simple stroll down 4th

and 5th avenue will put you at the heart of the

Gaslamp Quarter.

Downtown San Diego Gaslamp

Also found in the Gaslamp Quarter is the Horton

Plaza and Horton Plaza Park. The Plaza is the

first place in the United States to feature a water

fountain containing electric lights; a true

tribute to the designer Alonzo Horton.

The Gaslamp Quarter received its name from the

gaslamps that were used in the area around the early

1900’s. During those times, gaslamps were the

the main source of light for the area that is now

the vision of Modern Day San Diego.

Downtown San Diego Gaslamp

Now days, there are more than 130 stores and shops

filling the Gaslamp Quarter. With everything from

Macy’s to Mervyns, Gaslamp Quarter has plenty for

you to see and do. In Horton Plaza, you can find

a multi screen movie theater that is sure to please

movie lovers.

For a wonderful experience, the Gaslamp Quarter of

San Diego shouldn’t be overlooked. There is a lot

you can do here, from fine dining to excellent

shops. For a family vacation, San Diego has a

little bit of something for everyone.

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