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Visit Mendocino, The California Vacation Fishing Village

Visit Mendocino, The California Vacation Fishing Village. Have you ever heard of Mendocino? It is actually labeled as California’s New England fishing village. It is a must to pay this place a visit as you venture into a California vacation. For the first-timers in this town, you will definitely love the entire seascape that reaches out to warm your heart and your spirit.

Visit Mendocino, The California Vacation Fishing Village

Visit Mendocino, The California Vacation Fishing Village

Mendocino itself is a stretch of coastline that offers a wonderful view. Each view presents a different scenario and you will realize how one is more beautiful than the other. Driving along Highway 101 requires you much focus because the place is simply enticing. You don’t want to be lost in a trance while holding on to your steering wheel, right?

All about the Town of Mendocino

A California vacation will be incomplete without taking a drive towards Mendocino. The town rests on high land overlooking the Pacific. It is a small town and somehow represents the fishing village of New England. It appears to have a theme, that of a combination of the historic storefronts and Cape Cod architecture. The steep cliffs, grassy hills, and tall trees add to its amazing effect. The trails are just perfect for people who love trekking, hiking or taking photographs. Down below, you will see the remote beaches along with the rocky shoreline. All of which give you the feeling of serenity and relaxation.

Feeling Connected to Reality

As you get into the main Village, there you will find a myriad of shops. From there you will see rare records, vintage toys, and unique musical instruments. Add to it the arrays of inns, fine dining restaurants, and historic homes. About 60 movies or so have been filmed in Mendocino so don’t be surprised when you feel some connection to the place. The Blair House bed and breakfast were actually used for Angela Lansbury’s Murder She Wrote and the Heritage House was the setting used for the movie entitled Same Time Next Year.

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Visit Mendocino, The California Vacation Fishing Village

Accommodations for Comfort and Convenience

Your stay at Mendocino will not be promising without the accommodations for the night. One of the popular bed and breakfast inns is the MacCallum House which boasts of a historic tale that was built way back in 1882. The house itself was purchased and owned by several people and is now being run by two local resident owners. There are a lot of other hotels and inns in the town and surely you will enjoy the people’s hospitality.

Other Activities to Enjoy

Of course, you have to go out and see more of what the town has to offer. Aside from the great food served by the restaurants, the place also provides room for some exercise. As you follow the trails for a hike, you will be led to the streams and rivers along with the Redwood forests. The Mendocino area allows you to see the five state beaches and five state parks. Hiking is quite challenging but at the end of the trails, you will have fun at what lies ahead. You can always go for an exploration!

Visit Mendocino, The California Vacation Fishing Village

For the art lovers, you can spend some time at the local art galleries that showcase the exhibits of individual and group artists. If you are a budding artist, you can attend some lectures as provided by the Mendocino Art Center.

Mendocino is certainly one destination for your California vacation. The town offers fun, excitement, and rejuvenation all at the same time.

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