5 Ways How To Avoid Long Lines At Disneyland

5 Ways How To Avoid Long Lines At Disneyland

If there’s one thing that many visitors at Disneyland find annoying or frustrating, is the long lines for the rides. You can literally spend several hours of the day standing in line to ride popular attractions. These lines can be avoided in one of five ways.

How To Avoid Long Lines At Disneyland

One way to avoid getting stuck in long lineup is to purchase Fast Pass tickets for the rides that offer them. Do this early to ensure that you get to ride those rides earlier in the day.

Second, ride many of the popular rides later in the evening, while the majority of people are enjoying the entertainment. Disneyland has nightly entertainment, and this is a good time to find shorter lines. Of course, it will mean that you probably miss the entertainment, so if you can use one of the other options for shorter lines at Disneyland, you should probably do so. Besides if you are deciding to stay in Disneyland for a few days, you can always plan to explore the nightly entertainment on the last of day of your trip, it’s great way to end your holiday.

5 Ways How To Avoid Long Lines At Disneyland

Third, avoid  going to Disneyland during busy times such as between Christmas and New year, spring break, the summer months, or on Saturdays.the long lines also effective your Enjoyment. The long Lines waste your time.

Fourth, get to the park early. The lines are shorter in the morning when the park first opens. Instead of jumping in line for the first ride you see, head for the rides that you really want to ride the most the most popular rides, which includes “Indiana Jones,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Matterhorn,” “Thunder Mountain,” “Haunted Mansion,” and “Splash Mountain”.

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Last but not least there are websites that are so dedicated to providing informations on Disneyland such as mouseplanet.com or laughingplace.com. These sites can help you provide a better plan of attack sort of speak, by providing the best times to visit, which rides you should visit first, how to get cheap tickets and so on.

Planning your vacation to the happiest place on earth is becoming more critical every year to avoid long lineup as it will have tremendous impact on your overall experience and your wallet.

5 Ways How To Avoid Long Lines At Disneyland

Do Not Go Unannounced

Whether it’s your birthday or your wedding day, Disneyland aims to make you feel special as you celebrate your momentous occasions. Don’t pass up the opportunity to announce your celebration at Disneyland’s City Hall (as well the information booths and some food spots including the Tiki Juice Bar) to receive a free button noting the occasion. These buttons aren’t just for decoration—expect a few surprises to come your way from Disney employees (“cast members” in the company’s lingo), as well as perks like preferred seating on rides, surprise cupcakes at sit-down restaurants, and extra ice cream in your sundae. Similarly, don’t forget to let your hotel know what you’re celebrating— you never know what special treats you might get as a result.

Don’t Miss Your FastPass Window

With policies shifting in recent months, Disneyland Resort is now stricter on timing for the FASTPASS, a change that has thrown park-goers into a scheduling frenzy. A few years behind Walt Disney World’s MagicBand FastPass+ reservation system, FASTPASS tickets are handed out at many of the resort’s most popular attractions including Indiana Jones AdventureHyperspace Mountain, and Radiator Springs Racers. Each ticket provides an hour window of time later in the day to return and enter the attraction with minimal standby time. Previously, attraction attendants would honor expired FASTPASSES, but now those windows of time are no longer flexible, requiring a good deal of plotting each move throughout the park. If you’re more inclined to enjoy the park at a leisurely pace and shy away from standby lines that can stretch far past an hour, attractions including Indiana Jones AdventureSoarin’ Over California, and Goofy’s Sky School offer single-rider lines.

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