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22 Tools to Improve You’re Writing Skills

Writing these days is just a passion. Many people have pursued this as a full-fledged profession recently. But irrespective of the fact, whether it is passion or profession, maintaining the quality of the write-up is very important. 

Lucky for you, the internet brings you specific tools that can help you with the same. You can use these tools and improve the quality of your work and give an expert touch to it.

Below are mentioned 22 such tools that will come to your assistance whenever you think of writing.


  1. Toggl – As a writer, time management is important. If you can do it manually, nothing can be better. But if you cannot, you must take the help of online applications available. Toggl is one such app that helps you maintain and manage your time schedule. It is basically a timesheet calculator and is one of the most efficient time trackers. The most convenient thing about this is that you can use this on Android, iOS and the web platform.


  1. ProWritingAid – This is a grammar checker but performs a lot more than a grammar checker. Besides checking for grammar and spelling mistakes, the app helps you improve the style of writing, strengthen the vocabulary, widen the clarity, and much more. In simpler words, the app makes your content engaging and more convincing for the readers.


  1. Quabel Writer – This tool’s function is quite different from the others but is very useful. Always remember that having proper and complete concentration while writing is critical. For example, many people try to listen to music to grow engagement. But this does not work for everybody. These people can refer to Quabel Writer and remove the distractions to enhance their concentration.


  1. Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator – Having an excellent topic to write on is sometimes challenging for the writers. Thinking of new topics every day can be tedious and confusing. But do not worry; HubSpot understands your situation. That is why it came up with a tool that can help you come up with fresh new ideas. You just need to give three nouns related to your niche as input. In return, it gives you not just one but five blog topic ideas.


  1. Quora – Sometimes, you might not have profound knowledge of something you are writing about. Not to worry, this is absolutely normal. In such cases, you can take the help of platforms like Quora. Quora is basically a platform where you will get answers to many questions. If you have any doubt regarding the topic of your writing, you can directly ask the question on Quora. Then, the solutions related to the same will open in front of you. 


  1. Surfer – Want to make your content SEO friendly? Then, all that you need is Surfer. This content editor always looks for the keyword density, word count, headlines and readability in your content. Hence giving you an idea on SEO friendly is your content.


  1. Google Trends – Google trends gives you an idea about the trending topics in your niche. You just need to put the keywords of your topic, and google trends will provide you with the list of trending topics related to your search.


  1. Grammarly – It mainly checks your article for all kinds of grammar and spelling mistakes. It helps to improve the readability of your topic. Using this, you can proofread and self-edit your topics by yourself.


  1. Buzzsumo Buzzsumo assists you with distinguishing the best performing content in your speciality just as your competitors. Open the application and type in your ideal keyword. Then, it gives you the most awesome performing content.


  1. YoastSEO – It can assist you with thinking of SEO titles and meta depictions. That is not all; it additionally helps you with surveying the nature of your substance and suggests changes for the same.


  1. Thesaurus – Thesaurus gives you the most confided sets of synonyms and antonyms. It also filters the list items by their significance, word length, and intricacy.


  1. CoSchedule – It will assist you with composing headlines that individuals will very much want to click. It is intended to assist you with managing headlines that are readable and simple to process. Once you give your headline input, the tool will analyze the same and provide suggestions if required.


  1. Copyscape – Plagiarism is something that every writer is afraid of and wants to avoid. Copyscape helps you in achieving this goal. It helps to check the authenticity of your content.


  1. Twords – It can assist you with focusing on your writing and becoming better at it. It helps track your writing. It builds your progress graph and recognizes your greatest long stretches of writing throughout some undefined time frame. 


  1. Cliché Finder – Cliche Finder assists you with observing overused expressions that don’t increase the value of your articles. It actually looks at your writing, features cliches, and tells you precisely which lines need a few changes. 


  1. Readable – As a writer, you must ensure that your content gets maximum readership. This tool checks the readability of your content. Readable will assist you with breaking down how readable your blog entry is so you can calibrate it for improved lucidness.


  1. Evernote – This app directly or indirectly helps in increasing productivity. It assists you to put together the assets and resources you can allude to some other time when you really want them.


  1. Onetab – A content writer needs to continuously do a lot of research. This free tool helps you manage all the numerous tabs you have opened for the required research. It basically prevents you from juggling between various tabs.


  1. Tysto – You might often see yourself getting confused between UK and US English conventions while writing content. This app helps you get over this. It furnishes you with a broad rundown of American and British spelling contrasts. If there should be an occurrence of disarray, you can generally allude to this rundown for proper spelling use.


  1. Weava – Research is the most significant and tedious piece of content composition. This tool composing apparatus assists you with researching effectively. You can sort out all of your research materials in a single spot and determine what’s significant.


  1. The Hoth – It assists you with observing the ideal features for your blog entries, so you don’t have to think hard to concoct them. You should simply enter the central idea of your content. Post that; you’ll have to enter the target audience’s ideal result, their concerns, the business’s name, and the name of the perfect interest group.


  1. 750 Words – This tool helps you to enhance the writer within you. It encourages you to write 750 words daily. What you want to write about is entirely your choice. You can write about anything and everything. Just you need to keep writing regularly. It develops the habit of writing within you.


To conclude, it can be said that by the grace of digital development today, there are numerous tools available online, which can help you boost your writing. For instance, you can even get the citations done faster with tools such as the APA Citation Generator or Harvard citation generator. Use these tools, do not be hesitant. Remember that nobody is born perfect. But at least you have the option to try, test and learn. Hence do the same and help your work grow in the process.

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