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How To Tip While Traveling

Gratuity etiquette and how to tip while traveling are two of the most frequently asked questions when traveling and vacationing. The tips that we give our travelers are very important and deserve your utmost attention.

Most travelers often wonder how much do I tip during my vacation, so they ask themselves: “How to tip while traveling?” The answer to this question is actually very complicated and may actually be very expensive if you fail to properly understand basic tipping guidelines. Some common questions regarding who and how to tip while traveling include:

Who should I tip in an airport?

Your flight attendant or stewardess may be a good place to start. They are the first people that will notice when you have been late for your flight, and they will definitely appreciate a quick call from you before your flight to thank them for their services. If you cannot afford to make this special phone call, then consider giving a small gift to the flight attendant before you leave. This can also show them that you appreciate their hard work during your stay at the airport.

Where Else Should I Tip?

What are some other places that I should know the correct amount of how much to tip while on vacation? Some of the best and most expected destinations for tipping include places like restaurants and hotels. These types of establishments will often expect a tip, so be sure to leave at least a couple of dollars in your hotel room and to leave an appropriate tip at the restaurant.

How To Tip While Traveling PRO TIP

If you’re traveling overseas or outside of your local area, check with the hotel concierge and ask what tipping expectations are. Just because you have your own tipping expectations doesn’t mean they are correct in the area you’re traveling to. In order to avoid under-tipping or spending more than needed, FlightVillage recommends utilizing the resources at the hotel or resort you’re staying at. They have insight to expected guest behaviors and will steer you in the right direction when it comes to how much to tip while on vacation.

How to tip while traveling is an important question often asked but rarely answered. Gratuity-Etiquette-While-Traveling-min

There are a lot of reasons why someone would want to know the correct amount of how much to tip while traveling. If you are traveling for business, and you want to make sure that your clients are being treated right while you are away, you can leave a few extra dollars with the hotel or restaurant staff. This can ensure that your professional relationships are maintained when you’re not there.

Do you have any other insights into how to tip when traveling? Drop them in the comments for our readers! Not only will it ease the minds of others when they ask the inevitable (how to tip while traveling?), but it’ll make you feel good knowing you’re helping others. Win-win!

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