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4 Best Costa Rica Cloud Forest Destinations to Visit

A famous phrase once said, “once a  year, go to a place you’ve never been to before”. This is because traveling to a new place offers you lots of incredible experiences.

Besides, traveling tends to also have health benefits for you by reducing stress and anxiety. You let go of the emotional baggage that you may have, which allows you to enjoy your life better. For instance, a travel to Costa Rica might be just what you need if you are stressed and need relaxation. 

Aside from getting the relaxation you need, visiting new and diverse places comes with lots of excitement and new experiences. A vacation to Costa Rica would help improve your communication and interaction skills. This is because you have to communicate with new groups of people to fully enjoy your trip. 

People in Costa Rica have a rich culture and once you get to know their culture, you would be able to respect other cultures as well. Stay tuned as we explore Costa Rica together! 

We will discover the 4 best Costa Rica cloud forest destinations to visit. But, first, why travel to Costa Rica?

What Makes Costa Rica a Travel-Worthy Place?

You may be having doubts and ask yourself “is Costa Rica safe to travel?” The Institute for Economics and Peace ranks Costa Rica as one of the safest countries in Latin America. You do not need to worry about it. Instead, you get to enjoy the nature of Costa Rica, and just be mindful of the safety protocols there. 

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Now that we got that covered, let us give you reasons for what makes Costa Rica a travel-worthy place. First, the biodiversity in Costa Rica is respected. There are eco-parks and forest reserves for you to explore. It is the best example of where you can see wildlife in their natural habitat and get to know them. 

Second, Costa Rica is known for its abundant and breathtaking beaches. If you want to refresh yourself with a dip on the beach, Costa Rica beaches are the best place to be. There are 300 beaches in Costa Rica, which vary in color, and are waiting for you to explore. 

If you are looking for a beach with color, you should try visiting Guanacaste beaches. It is the home of Playa Conchal, and is Costa Rica’s pink sand beach. You should not miss the chance to see Costa Rica’s pink sand beach.

Besides, if you are into adventures, a Costa Rica travel would be filled with fun activities. Some activities you can try include:

  • canopy tours, 
  • white water rafting
  •  surfing, 
  • sport fishing, 
  • bird watching, 
  • scuba diving, and a lot more.

What Cloud Forests Can I Visit on My Trip to Costa Rica?

As mentioned earlier, Costa Rica is home to great biodiversity! One way you could experience the nature of Costa Rica  is by visiting cloud forests. These cloud forests got their name from the fog made from  condensation on the leaves of the trees inside the forest. 

On your much anticipated Costa rica travel, you might want to add exploring 450 orchid species and seeing different species of birds. There are also other activities you can do in cloud forests such as tree climbing, and a coffee and chocolate tour for coffee lovers. This is because the cloud forests are also home to some coffee plantations. 

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So, the cloud forests you can explore  in Costa Rica are: 

Monteverde Cloud Forest 

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If you want to see and explore mountains, you can go to Monteverde cloud forest. This is a place where the clouds meet with the view of the mountain ranges. Visiting this cloud forest is like getting the best of two worlds. 

It is located in the Tilaran mountain ranges in the Northern part of Costa Rica. If you want to get the best out of the country’s diversity, you are lucky because the Monteverde cloud forest is home to at least 50% of the country’s wildlife

Besides, if you love trekking, there is a 14km trail that is well-maintained for tourists. Do not forget to bring your hiking shoes and insect repellants, plus other essentials when you go to the forest. 

After exploring the forest, you can visit the town of Santa Elena, which is nearby. You can find good restaurants and galleries there. Furthermore, you can simply have a slow-paced day after an adventure-packed moment in the forest. 

Bajos Del Toro Cloud Forest 

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Bajos del toro is the perfect place for people who like to hike and explore the outdoors. This cloud forest is located in the Alajuela province and is a 2-hour drive from San Jose.  

If you are planning to go to Bajos del toro, traveling by car is the best way through as the place needs a commute system that is much spread out. There are shuttles but only private ones would be available to go to Bajos del toro. 

As for the forest, it is home to waterfalls. The famous waterfall around bajos del toro is the catarata del toro. The waterfalls will take your breath away as the 270 ft falls drop into a volcano crater surrounded by a beautiful forest. 

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Los Angeles Cloud Forest

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If you want a quiet forest exploration, Los Angeles might be the perfect spot for you. This forest cloud is secluded, and is a habitat for more than 350 species of birds and animals. There are also plants, trees, and orchids waiting for you to discover them. Indeed, it is a great way to explore Costa Rica’s nature

Since the place is home to many bird species, bird watching is a popular activity to engage in this cloud forest. Hummingbirds, Toucans, and the beautiful Quetzal offer you a breathtaking panorama. 

The Los Angeles cloud forest is open on a daily basis and operates from 8 am to 4 pm. The entrance fee would cost around 20 dollars. 

La Paz Garden Waterfalls 

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La Paz Garden Waterfalls is the place where water and land meet. After a few hikes, the forest would bring you to beautiful waterfalls and gushing rivers. 

You also get to see incredible wildlife in this place. You can get close to nature with the available butterfly farm, hummingbird gallery, and several wildlife exhibits on the property. Whether you are with loved ones or traveling solo, this place would be perfect to enjoy your Costa Rica vacation and make lifetime memories!

Wrapping Up 

If you are looking to alleviate stress and escape from the reality of life’s hustles and bustles, Costa Rica is the place to be. The country has a lot to offer starting from its biodiversity and the many adventures you can explore during your stay. 

One of the ways you could enjoy your stay is by visiting cloud forests or beaches. These are the best ways to meet nature in Costa Rica. There are also activities such as the canopy and bird watching that lets you enjoy the forest on a deeper level. 

Whether with your family or friends, or someone special, or even solo, Costa Rica has lots to offer to its visitors. See you there!