Aruba Travel Tips

Aruba is deemed throughout the world as one of the most perfect destinations for an ultimate vacation.


It is the smallest of the ABC islands with only 193 square kilometers in area, while Bonaire and Curacao triple the size. However, despite its area size, Aruba has a lot to offer to its people and visitors.

Many have even said that in Aruba, a number of amazing experiences are available, but these come in a beautifully small package. Many of the tourists who have known about Aruba have come to the island just to witness how blessed the island is.


They often flock here for its sunny climate perfect for every tourist who has been longing for the white sand beaches, the perfect turquoise waters, and the high rise hotels, restaurants, and bars that offer the finest dining options in the Caribbean. With all these assets, it’s no wonder that today, Aruba has been considered a Caribbean jewel.


If you are planning for an Aruba travel, don’t just be too excited with all that is waiting for you out there. Instead, plan your Aruba travel in the best possible way.

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Think about everything associated with it and weigh all your options carefully. This is mainly for the fact that Aruba travel could be one of the biggest investments you can make. It should be considered carefully to obtain the ultimate Aruba travel vacation you’ve ever wanted.

So, where and how can you start with your Aruba travel vacation?

Simple! Start planning. When I say “planning”, I’m referring to setting up your travel schedule and everything related to it in the best possible way. Start thinking about what you want and what you expect from your Aruba travel.  List all the possible things you have in mind, including the things you need to accomplish prior to your trip. Make sure that each is given attention and is completely done.



Once you think you’ve done all the planning, consider all that you need to bring on your travel. Pack all your documents and other belongings. Check your passport for its validity, your tickets, and everything you’ll need on your Aruba travel. If you have certain medications to take, don’t forget to bring them.


There is a great possibility that the medications you have might not be available in Aruba and other foreign countries. In addition, consider all your sunscreens as the sun in Aruba sometimes shines so bright, especially if you’ll stay on the beach.

Finally, consider your budget. As mentioned earlier, your Aruba travel can be the biggest investment you can make. So when thinking for an Aruba travel, make sure that you have all the bucks needed to support your travel.

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Note that in Aruba, florin is the currency, but U.S. and Canadian dollar are also accepted. There are some banks, however, that accept money exchange. So get your money ready, as well as yourself.