Overlooking Newport Beach

Overlooking Newport Beach

Overlooking Newport Beach.   Throughout the vast state of California, Newport Beach

remains one of the most overlooked cities. The city

of Newport Beach is actually a very charming island,Overlooking Newport Beach

with great beaches and a peninsula. With all of its

charms, it remains overlooked by tourists and those

looking for an ideal vacation spot.

Overlooking Newport Beach

Lying cradled within the Balboa Peninsula, the seven

islands that makeup Newport Beach happen to have some

of the most expensive real estate in California. Many

of the homes here are 1.5 million and up! When you

consider that many are surrounded by small yacht harbors

and a peaceful yet tranquil environment, you know the

price of the homes are more than well worth it.

If you live in California, you can find Newport Beach justOverlooking Newport Beach

off Pacific Coast Highway in beautiful Orange County. Simply

take CA 55 south from I-5 to Newport Blvd. Or, you can

also take CA 1 at Newport Blvd. After a short travel, the

Newport Blvd. will turn into Balboa Blvd. and eventually

take you down the middle of the island.

Whether you live in California or just outside of it,

Newport Beach is one place you should visit. Once you

visit this overlooked treasure, you’ll probably find yourself

wondering why you didn’t visit sooner. Take our word

for it – Newport Beach is simply “that good”. Overlooking Newport Beach

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