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Social Distancing While Traveling

As we look forward to traveling in the future, you may be wondering the best ways you can practice social distancing while traveling. 2020 has definitely been a curve ball for, well, the entire world. While the landscape of everything we anticipated for this year has changed, we are forced to adapt to the new changes, rules, and regulations going forward. By now, you’re probably familiar with “social distancing” – keeping your distance in social situations with people other than those you live with. Here is our guide to social distancing travel.

Find the right hotel for your holiday to practice social distancing while traveling

Finding the right hotel for your travels can make all the difference. Hotels are going above and beyond during the Covid-19 crisis to ensure cleaning procedures and safety for all guests and staff such as reduced contact at check-in, limited people in the elevators, and even doing away with breakfast items. One great way you can socially distance while traveling is finding a hotel with a small kitchenette and living space included. This way you can purchase groceries and take carry out and bring it back to the comfort and safety of your own hotel room.

Not sure where to begin that hotel search? Check out sites like FlightVillage and use their hotel search option. You can filter your results in multiple ways such as cost, distance from airport, attractions and type of room. FlightVillage also lets you compare deals to other websites and hotels, assuring you the best price for your stay – a double win!

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Social distancing while traveling entertainment options

Part of what makes traveling so fun is exploring new places. When you’re traveling you can find social distanced entertainment and adventure options to help you and others stay safe during this time. Use FlightVillage and their “to do” page for great alternatives for fun while distancing. Take a hike, go for a walk on a beach, visit a cool museum or do an outdoor scavenger hunt. Another great resource is FlightVillage’s travel tip page where they suggest many great spots and things to see and do. You never know what great little spot you’ll stumble across on your fun adventure.

Sanitize and be smart during social distancing while traveling

Keep yourself, and others, safe by being smart and using common sense while traveling. If you don’t feel well, don’t travel. Wear a mask out in public spaces and while on public transportation. Wash your hands often and when you can’t find soap and water use hand sanitizer. These small simple steps are ways to ensure you stay safe and healthy on your trip.

Whether we like it or not, social distancing while traveling is going to be the new norm for a while. We hope this helps give you a little comfort and direction on how you can safely travel, and some of the things you can do to enjoy your time. Small changes like booking a hotel room with a kitchen and finding alternative adventures will help keep you safe while also having a memorable time on your next vacation.

Do you have more tips for social distancing while traveling? Let us know in the comments so that we and others can benefit from them!

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