Sequoia Park: California Vacation: Sequoia Park

Sequoia Park: California Vacation: Sequoia Park

Sequoia Park: California is very unique in the sense that it is one of the few places that can offer the best of both worlds. The cities of California co-exist with the natural resources. Technology has not led to the destruction of the natural resources of the state. It is this unique feature that encourages people to experience the California vacation Sequoia Park

Sequoia Park: California Vacation: Sequoia Park

Sequoia Park

California is home to many national parks and forest reserves including the Sequoia Park and the Shasta Cascade. Another national park in California is the Sequoia Park. It is located in southern Sierra Nevada and was named as national park in 1890. Its size is 3 962 m and it is home to Mount Whitney.

The park is home to Giant sequoia trees which include the German Sherman Tree. The sequoia trees are shared with the King Canyons National Park.

Sequoia Park: California Vacation: Sequoia Park

The park has two entries; the front and the back. The front entrance is located near the Town of Three Rivers. This part of the park is teeming with blue oak woodlands, chaparral, grasslands, yucca plants and river valleys. It is also home to many animals like squirrels, bobcats, foxes, and mule deer. At the back of the Sequoia Park is a refreshing wilderness and can not be entered by vehicles. People will have to walk to have access to 84% of the park. This part is composed of high alpine beauties, Great Western Divide, Bearpaw Meadow and Kaweah River Drainage.

Sequoia has many tourist attractions. One of these attractions is the Tunnel Log. The Tunnel Log is a tunnel from a cut giant sequoia tree which fell in 1937 because of natural incidents. Another attraction is the Crystal Cave which is a cave consists of marble. The cave is only accessible to tourists who have tour guides. It is now a protected area because of the vandals that have appeared on the walls of the cave.

Sequoia Park: California Vacation: Sequoia Park

A crescent meadow is also one attraction in this park. It is a tiny meadow with lots of sequoia. It if often referred to as the “Gem of the Sierras”. The last notable attraction in the park is the Moro rock. The Moro rock is dated back to the cretaceous time and is a granite dome. It is located at the center of the park and provides a good view of the park.

The park offers many activities like sightseeing, hiking, ranger programming, yoga and horseback riding. It also offers cross country activities, skiing, snowshoeing and snow play. Ranger programming offers a wide variety of programs that aims to entertain and educate. The park also has booths where children and adults can learn the art of snowshoeing.

Sequoia also prides of its diverse restaurants and dishes. At the park, many restaurants offer different dishes to cater to more audiences. One of these restaurants is the Wuksachi Lodge Dining Room. This dining room serves the three essential meals everyday. The ambiance in the dining room is a mixed of forest colors and country dcor. This mixture has created an elegant look to the room.

The Sequoia National Park is home to many attractions and restaurants. Like most other California tourist spots, it is worthy to be included in one’s California vacation. It offers a habitat to different animals and a refuge to people who want to take a vacation.

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