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Where to Find an Amsterdam Map

Although the seat of the government of the Netherlands is the The Hague, Amsterdam remains as the nominal capital. It is well-known as the country’s largest city, with a population of almost 750, 000. Recent statistics have also shown that Amsterdam is the country’s most visited spot, with more than 3.5 million foreign visitors annually.

Now, Amsterdam is considered as one of the greatest small cities in the whole world. It also has gained the title of being the most romantic and beautiful cities in Europe because of its great canals, world famous museums, and historical sights. As commonly noted, your destination is never far away in Amsterdam as this is a city of tolerance and diversity.

Having said all these, Amsterdam is then a place worthy of visit. But, before planning to visit the city, I guess it is better to know first where the Amsterdam is strategically located. Thanks to the production of Amsterdam maps that knowing where you are situated and where to go in the city is now highly accessible.

I have here a few sites online where you can access an Amsterdam map. Just note that what will be presented here are just a few of the many resources online offering Amsterdam maps. Please read on.

Amsterdam Vacation


Amsterdam.info currently features an advanced navigation street map of Amsterdam. The map offered by this site can be printed. All you need to do is to click the selected portion of the map for print resolution enlargement. You can then print the map for personal use to your own convenience. However, it is necessary to note that the Amsterdam map presented by this site is protected by the copyright of the authors and cannot be used by any other means.

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Amsterdam Apartment


WorldExecutive.com has a city guide section where you can access Amsterdam maps. There are actually two versions of the Amsterdam map presented at this sight. The first one is a city map, while the other is a map of the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. For better view, you need to select a segment of the map by clicking on the overview Amsterdam map.


AmsterdamHotSpots.nl is also out there on the web to give you a map of the city of Amsterdam. The map has advanced navigation mode, and all you need to do with it is to click on a particular section to zoom. What is presented on the map is the 12 major areas in the city: the Waterlooplein, vondelpark, royal palace, Rijksmuseum, rembrandtplein, requliersdwarsstraat, red light district, leidseplein, jordaan, dam, central station, and beqijnhof.


LonelyPlanet.com is now featuring their Amsterdam map, designed to help tourists and locals alike in identifying what and where part of the city they are in. Just like the Amsterdam maps of the other mentioned sites, the map of LonelyPlanet.com can zoomed in and zoomed out. A map of the Netherlands is even available to allow you to pinpoint where exactly is the city situated in the country. Helpful information regarding the place is even provided for much knowledge.

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